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Just Sayin’: Unfair treatment after costly Sandy repair

Boats are piled up at bulkhead of reader

Boats are piled up at bulkhead of reader Gary Maksym in Massapequa in November 2012, after superstorm Sandy hit the area on Oct. 29, 2012. The homeowner took the federal government's advice and borrowed money to replace the bulkhead, but many other bulkheads were replaced by New York State free of charge to homeowners and municipalities. Credit: Gary Maksym

Unfair treatment after costly Sandy repair

How about helping New York Rising victims who are still distressed almost six years after superstorm Sandy?

During Sandy, two very large uninsured boats washed up and destroyed my bulkhead on a South Shore canal. The Federal Emergency Management Agency rushed me to take a $100,000 Small Business Administration low-interest loan to rebuild my bulkhead. I happily did.

Then Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s New York Rising program decided to replace old, not-storm-damaged bulkheads owned by residents, and the towns and villages, with New York Rising grants, not loans.

For me, New York Rising said it would be a duplication of benefits to pay off my loan, so I’m left paying $500 a month on a 30-year loan, the rest of my life, for a truly storm-damaged bulkhead, and my neighbors and the towns get free money to replace bulkheads that were merely old.

New York Rising blames FEMA, but FEMA would never have replaced old bulkheads that were not storm damaged.

Gary Maksym,Massapequa