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Just Sayin’: Upsetting price hike in cholesterol drug

Simvastatin, a cholesterol drug.

Simvastatin, a cholesterol drug. Credit: Getty Images/iStock / Gannet77

Upsetting price hike in cholesterol drug

In February, I paid $1.34 for 30 tablets of simvastatin, which is to reduce high cholesterol. This is the generic version.

Since then, the cost has risen to $10.75. I contacted my health insurance company to ask why the meteoric rise in just six months. The response was that the manufacturer was responsible for this rise.

I wrote to Rep. Peter King, asking for his help in getting information about this onerous increase. I received only a form letter in response.

The drug manufacturer should be investigated. This drug has become so expensive that it might be too much for some to afford.

Mary Rossi, Holbrook

Why do they combine trash and recyclables?

I live in North Babylon, where my garbage pickup is Tuesday and Friday. Recycling pickup is on Wednesday.

Recently, I was going away for a few days on Tuesday, so I put out both my trash can and blue recycling can. The pickup came a little before I left, and the trash collector dumped the blue recycling can into the same truck!

I spend a lot of time separating out the recyclables, with the belief I’m doing something good for the environment. I was shocked and dismayed to see the trash collector take both the trash and the recyclables in the same truck!

I called the Babylon Town sanitation department, and the gentleman I spoke to appeared to be equally shocked. He said the trash collectors are not supposed to do that and maybe it was a new guy — an inadequate explanation.

This has happened before, and when I called, I got the same response. Usually it’s corrected for a while, but then reverts back.

Edward Schwartz, Dix Hills