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Just Sayin’: Why do we still mint pennies?


Pennies. Credit: iStock

A penny for your thoughts? Never mind

Why are we still minting the penny? Making the cent no longer makes sense.

What do you do with your pennies? Tell the store clerk to keep them? Put them in a jar? Throw them away? I have.

How often do you see a penny on the ground? Do you pick it up? I doubt it.

Making the penny makes no sense.

Michael McCoy, East Rockaway


Beware of scammers asking for bail money

I recently received a phone call from someone pretending to be my grandson. His voice was a little familiar. He proceeded to tell me he got arrested and was only allowed one phone call.

He asked me to promise not to tell anyone and then told me he needed $6,000 in bail money. I was transferred to another man who informed me my “grandson” would serve a year in jail if I told anyone.

I was transferred to two more men who told me they would need the bail money in two hours because my “grandson” was being transferred to a courthouse and would be before a judge.

I explained I could not afford that amount, so we agreed on $2,000. I was told it would be refunded in 24 hours, and I could use a credit card or gift cards from a retail store. I was then told to call a telephone number if I opted for the gift cards, and I could not call my grandson on his cellphone because it was in their possession.

My husband and I called the police department and were told this scam is going around a lot. Be careful because these people are very convincing!

Barbara McNally, Lindenhurst


Hospital had no wheelchair to offer

I always saw hospitals as special places of healing. Now, health care is a booming industry.

Recently, I visited a hospital in Nassau County. I was due for surgery, so I had been on crutches a couple of months. Both times I visited this facility, it took at least 30 minutes to find a wheelchair. Each time, I made it to my appointment and was on my way out before a wheelchair could be found for me.

I was upset by the lack of wheelchairs or sympathy from the many employees I had to struggle past as I made my way to the second floor.

Had I been hurt or slipped and fell while on those crutches in their building, I imagine the liability would have been on them.

Biacca Green, Hempstead


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