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Lame ducks should waddle on home

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) talks about obstructing and delaying legislation ["Zadroga bill needs 1 key vote," News, Dec. 1].

Hello! Sixty-six Democratic House members and six Democratic senators were fired in the November 2010 election. In the private sector when you are fired, security often walks you out of the building the same day, and you certainly have no ongoing authority.

In our government, a lame duck session is held where those who are out get the opportunity to pass legislation they were unwilling to bring up prior to facing re-election and after their democratically decided termination.

It's time to recognize that the people have spoken, and this misguided collection of fools who never listened to the voting public isn't who we want passing major legislation, beyond that which has broad bipartisan support, in a lame duck session.

Frank Anderson

Roslyn Heights


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