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Letters: Lamenting airline victims and world strife

A piece of the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight

A piece of the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 lies in the grass near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, July 20, 2014. Photo Credit: AP

With sympathy, we all witness an act of deadly terrorism of the doomed Malaysia airplane disaster ["Handover in Ukraine," News, July 22]. Alas, evil strikes its ugly hand again.

The world weeps for the victims and comes together to give aid. We pray for the victims. May God help us to escape any future acts of terrorism.

Susan and Robert Davniero, Lindenhurst

The latest news is all about the horrors of the innocent people murdered as their passenger jet was shot down over a war zone. This would be horrible enough if it were a single incident, but every day we hear more of these horror stories.

One day it's three rabbinic students murdered by terrorists in Israel, and on another it's four Arab teens fatally hit by shelling in the latest Mideast conflict.

Every day there are mass killings of innocents in conflicts in Nigeria, or bombings of civilians in Iraq and Afganistan. The reports always carry endless justifications, apologies, cheers and blame. Each side in every conflict echoes Bob Dylan's immortal lyric written more than a quarter-century ago: They all have "God on my side."

When will all of these wars, with all of their carnage and destruction, sicken humanity enough to make us all cry out in one voice, "Enough is enough!"

Elliot Udell, Plainview


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