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Good Evening

Laura Curran and Richard Nicolello must work together

The Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building in

The Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building in Mineola. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Your Aug. 8 editorial, “Tough medicine for Nassau government,” was exactly on point. A classic business school definition of bankruptcy is when an entity’s expenses exceed its revenue on an ongoing basis. By that definition, Nassau County is (and has been for some time) bankrupt. Regardless of the reasons for this predicament, the county’s fiscal problems can’t go on much longer.

Both Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and the legislature’s presiding officer, Richard Nicolello, are, in my experience, responsible and earnest public officials. If they can’t come together in a bipartisan manner and do the tough work that, as Newsday points out, both know need to happen, then bankruptcy court is in the offing. I urge them to put aside any political differences or desire to position their parties for political advantage, and get to work.

No elected official wants to be in a position to have to offer up hard medicine that could lead to political disadvantage. It takes political courage to do so. Nassau’s taxpayers deserve solutions now, and these two elected officials give us the best chance in decades to perhaps achieve a bipartisan solution. It may be our last chance.

Peter Cavallaro, Westbury

Editor’s note: The writer is mayor of the Village of Westbury.