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Letter: Let's be honest about creation of wealth

A minor child’s Social Security payments must be

A minor child’s Social Security payments must be used for his or her benefit. Photo Credit: iStock

The left-right argument is all about who should be in charge, as Ted R. Bromund asserts ["Liberals speak, a conservative responds," Opinion, July 13], but I have more faith in a professional representative government freely elected by the widest variety of individuals rather than a weak government that cannot control powerful predatory interests.

Bromund cites a Pew Research Center survey in saying that 88 percent of liberals believe the "U.S. economic system unfairly favors powerful interests." However, he cites only the "elderly" as an example, and then asserts that their "benefits" are paid for by "younger people." That divisive half-truth ignores the fact that young people become old, and that the system will serve everyone if it survives conservative disruption.

Among the wealthy, there are those who would support good government by paying more taxes while others resist, regardless of the cost to everyone else. Willing taxpayers are intellectually honest folk who know their wealth derives from significant uncompensated effort or loss by other people. So who wants to cripple effective government by dividing our nation against itself? Follow the money and look for a bully.

Who benefits most from wealth created by poorly compensated foreign workers, unregulated pollution, or oil protected by soldiers? These are the "individuals" who are paralyzing our government.

James Moyssiadis, Mount Sinai


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