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Letter: A&P should pay workers' severance

Last month, A&P announced that 472 workers could

Last month, A&P announced that 472 workers could lose their jobs between Oct. 19 and Nov. 1 when it closes 5 supermarkets on Long Island: Pathmark stores in Baldwin and Centereach, and Waldbaum's in Carle Place, Oceanside and Riverhead. Credit: AP

With concessions worth more than $600 million made during the last bankruptcy, we workers should be entitled to everything we were contractually promised, meaning our severance pay ["Judge rules on A&P stores; Asks company to boost severance pay to workers," News, Sept. 3].

Business is a risk, but why should loyal and dedicated employees be persecuted for the mismanagement of the company's executives? We in good faith continuously and diligently perform our duties, only to be persecuted again.

Judge Robert Drain said, "Bankruptcy on the whole is about broken promises." Apparently this means only to the workers. Companies that file for Chapter 11 hide behind the language in the bankruptcy proceedings only to profit and renege on their contractual agreements.

With the millions of dollars A&P will receive for the sale or liquidation of stores and assets, paying our full severance is pennies in the big picture. If A&P can pay $5 million to retain non-union employees, then union workers should receive what is due us.

We've already given in to the fact that we'll be unemployed by Thanksgiving, and this only adds insult to injury. How will families, especially those in which both spouses work for A&P, get through the holidays? Sorry kids, there'll be no holiday this year, A&P took that away, too.

Laura LoMeo, North Babylon

Editor's note: The writer is a 30-year employee of Waldbaum's, which is owned by A&P.