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Letter: A solution to long lines at airports

A former TSA screener at Kennedy Airport stole

A former TSA screener at Kennedy Airport stole a $7,000 diamond watch from a passenger on Aug. 26, 2015, according to prosecutors. Margo Grant-Louree, 41, of Brooklyn, is charged with third-degree grand larceny and official misconduct, court records show. Above, a view of JFK on July 22, 2014. Credit: Getty Images / Eric Thayer

The airlines are not going to forfeit the money made from checked baggage [“Checked-bag fee creates airport lines,” Letters, May 23].

Passengers are furious with the long lines and wasted time getting through security. The answer? Make the security lines a choice: One for no carry-on and one for carry-on.

Those with no carry-on could arrive at the airport shortly before their flights, and those carrying bags would continue to be required to arrive much earlier. Problem solved.

Susan Schenk, West Hampton