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Letter: Access to vaccines key here as well

A file photo of a dose of the

A file photo of a dose of the mumps/measles/rubella vaccine. (Undated file) Credit: AP

Regarding "Everyday public health miracles" by columnist Peter Goldmark [Opinion, June 28], it is important to reiterate that the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization's goal to eradicate deadly diseases by giving every child access to immunizations is more important and achievable than ever.

Global vaccination matters for children in New York. Living near this international city, diseases such as polio and measles remain a threat to us due to the daily influx of foreign visitors. These illnesses are only a plane ride away, ready to infect and spread among the unvaccinated and vulnerable populations. By immunizing children in other countries, we're also protecting ourselves.

In the 20 seconds it took to read these few paragraphs, a child died from a vaccine-preventable disease.

But the goal of putting an end to the annual deaths of approximately 1.5 million children in developing countries of diseases such as pneumonia, measles and polio is coming into reach.

Melody Butler, Lindenhurst

Editor's note: The writer is a registered nurse and a member of Shot@Life, a United Nations Foundation education campaign.