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Letter: Act on climate as a moral issue

As a member of the New York Interfaith Power & Light, a religious group advocating action on global warming, it was important to me that President Barack Obama reminded us that God has commanded us to care for this fragile planet ["Time to act on climate, Obama says," News, June 26].

In his recent speech, he said that our children and our children's children will ask, did we do all that we could, when we had the chance, to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safer, more stable world?

Like any parent, he understands what is at stake if we fail to act. I agree. I will be calling my political representatives to let them know that climate change is a moral issue, and we need action. We need to set limits on industrial carbon pollution from power plants, promote renewable energy, and build more energy-efficient cars and buildings.

David Alicea, Medford