I could not agree more with the editorial “Make optimism the strategy” [Feb. 7]. We need a president who sees a better day and is committed to rolling up his or her sleeves to make progress toward that vision.

Continuing to argue the issues of the last decade will not result in solutions to the problems of this decade. Demonizing groups of people who won’t vote for you anyway helps no one.

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The current candidates’ responses to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, say all we need to know about who is best suited to be our next president. Hillary Clinton called the Michigan governor and suggested he ask President Barack Obama for money. Then she called the Flint mayor and asked what the city needs and what she can do to help. She spent time in Flint trying to help find solutions.

Sen. Bernie Sanders called on the governor of Michigan to resign, and many of the Republican candidates have largely ignored Flint.

Elizabeth A. Letzler, Baldwin