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Letter: Adults responsible for underage drinking

Once again we ask: Where did he get

Once again we ask: Where did he get the alcohol? Photo Credit: AP

Once again, we read of tragedy connected to underage drinking. According to your article ["Suspect in fatal DWI stays mum," News, July 28], Suffolk County assistant district attorney Patricia Brosco said, "the teen had admitted to drinking two or three tall cans of light beer."

Once again we ask: Where did he get the alcohol?

In this situation and all others, it is imperative that law enforcement and the press follow the alcohol trail. We know that young people will drink when alcohol is available. It is up to us, the community, to cut off this access. Whether young people purchase their alcohol with false ID (or a friend does) or take it from their parents' homes with or without permission, there are steps to prevent this: Lock up alcohol at home. Make training of bartenders and deli clerks in responsible beverage service mandatory under law.

Underage drinking is an adult problem. Anywhere there is underage drinking, an adult must be involved: selling it, providing it, allowing it or just simply looking away. If we follow the alcohol trail, we will be able to hold responsible those who had a part in setting the stage for these tragedies.

Judi Vining and Patricia Hincken, Long Beach

Editor's note: The writers are coordinator and chair of the Long Beach Medical Center's Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking.