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Good Afternoon

Letter: Airlines should still ban cellphones

A plane is shown landing on the Major

A plane is shown landing on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx in this photo posted on Twitter by Shawn Farash. (Jan. 4, 2014) Credit: Twitter

With reference to the cellphone use in commercial aircraft ["Let airlines make the call on in-flight cellphone use," Editorial, Dec. 17], I recall when smoking cigarettes was popular, and airlines allowed smoking in the last four rows. This vexed the passenger in the fifth-to-last row who didn't smoke. A Canadian airline banned all smoking in its aircraft, every flight.

Critics laughingly howled that this airline's customers would flock to the competition. It never happened, and the Canadian airline prospered. U.S. carriers soon followed the example.

Will any U.S. airline step up, bite the bullet, and ban cellphones in the aircraft? Or do we have to wait for the Canadians again?

Jim Grant, Massapequa