In the four years since superstorm Sandy, many of us have faced painful experiences while trying to rebuild [“Don’t forget lessons of Sandy,” Editorial, Oct. 30]. That’s why it is so important to recognize the lessons that Newsday’s editorial board recounts.

There are even more lessons. We need to examine the systems that kept thousands of people from adequately rebuilding in a timely manner. Four years is too long for a family to be dealing with the wreckage caused by a natural disaster like Sandy. Unjustifiable delays, and a perverse pingpong between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and insurers, compounded problems. I was forced to dig deep into my own pockets to pay for repairs that should have been covered by insurance.

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Sandy destroyed my home and neighborhood, and I’m only one of thousands. Politicians in Albany need to heed the lessons that we learned across Long Island; insurance companies need to treat their customers fairly after a disaster.

Gregory Naham, Lido Beach