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Letter: Americans need a third choice in 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both won primary

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both won primary victories in Arizona on March 22, 2016. Credit: AFP / Getty Images / File

Because of the hysteria on the part of those citizens who are against either of the major-party nominees for president, it is imperative to our national safety and our esteemed global reputation that we put forth a third viable candidate [“GOP’s deep divisions,” News, Aug. 4].

I’m a Democrat who would consider any serious, experienced Republican — any distinguished and honorable statesman qualified to lead the most people in this November’s election.

It’s time to stop the two-party system from destroying our unity as a nation. This is a great country, but the worst election behavior in 50 years!

I say someone like Sen. John McCain would be a viable third-party candidate. Please give voters a better, clearheaded, high-minded and even-tempered candidate who honors our veterans, women and minorities.

Lucy Cordero, Mount Sinai