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Letter: Argument against life support callous

Jahi McMath, in an undated photo provided by

Jahi McMath, in an undated photo provided by the McMath family and Omari Sealey. McMath remains on life support at Children's Hospital Oakland after doctors declared her brain dead, following a tonsillectomy. Credit: AP

I found Arthur Caplan's opinion piece about 13-year-old Jahi McMath coldhearted and offensive ["Case against care for the brain dead," Opinion, Jan. 10].

Yes, he made his opposition to artificial life support in this case very clear, with scientific facts and theories. But this bioethics professor clearly missed one gargantuan fact: Young Jahi is not a scientific theory but a human being, and so too are her parents human.

Whether or not her heart is beating artificially, she is not a "corpse," as he so callously refers to her!

My best friend recently lost her young son in a car accident, and I can assure you the depth of force of that shock is far stronger than an earthquake or hurricane. Love breaks all the rules and boundaries of science.

Jahi's parents had every right to move their precious girl from the hospital they felt did this, and to get a second opinion -- or possibly a miracle.

How distasteful to imply it is a waste of society's money. It's the parents' right, not a doctor's, to decide when to let their daughter go, and they deserve that.

Carolyn Mann, Massapequa