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Letter: Armed Jews could have altered history

Ben Carson is making headlines for his controversial

Ben Carson is making headlines for his controversial remarks about the Holocaust and gun control. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Alex Wong

Columnist Cathy Young claims that guns don't protect people from tyranny ["Carson wrong on guns, Holocaust," Opinion, Oct. 13].

If Jews in Germany under the Third Reich could have remained armed and resisted in the early days of the "final solution," the outcome could have been altered. The Gestapo in the beginning of the Holocaust operated singly or in pairs, armed with only handguns to round up Jews and other unarmed enemies of the Nazi Party. Only later on in the Holocaust did the Gestapo and SS use military vehicles, soldiers and cattle cars to slaughter on a huge scale.

Had the Jews been armed to defend themselves, the German people would have questioned the work camps and resettlement propaganda.

Our founders knew that the right to keep and bear arms is a safeguard against authoritarianism, second only to free speech and expression.

Young is wrong. History and facts support Ben Carson, the GOP candidate who said the Holocaust would have been "greatly diminished" if German Jews had guns.

Jonathan Landrio, Hampton Bays