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Letters: Arming Syrian rebels

Syrian rebels aim during a weapons training exercise

Syrian rebels aim during a weapons training exercise outside Idlib, Syria. (Feb. 14, 2012) Credit: AP

A recent letter writer was quite right ["Call to war in Syria not thought out," Set. 14]: Our entry into an unjust war in Iraq fueled the chaos in the Mideast now.

By destroying the infrastructure of Iraq and directly or indirectly causing the deaths of 100,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan, we created an enormous hatred of the United States, which is now fueling the Islamic State group.

When you kill a mother or wife or child, you recruit for the Islamic State group. Another decade of war in the Mideast will not bring a peaceful solution. We need to work with other countries to provide humanitarian aid and bring about a stable political situation.

Eleanor Krebs, Farmingdale

The Islamic State group and its existential threat to the United States and our national security interests have undeniably captured the attention of the American people and our leaders in Washington. In the face of a real challenge, we as a nation have rallied to reach consensus: The Islamic State group must be stopped.

While certainly not under ideal circumstances, it's refreshing to see American solidarity on an issue of vital importance. Surely there isn't and won't be universal agreement on our exact policy or its implementation.

It's my sincere hope that Congress and ordinary citizens start to engage in domestic challenges with equal vigor. With millions of Americans living in poverty and struggling to survive, even without the threat of terrorism, we must collectively acknowledge this problem.

Obvious or not, poverty is rampant in America, and it will be here long after the Islamic State group is gone.

Kyle Burster, Manorville

Congress has approved $500 million to train and arm Syrian rebels, to combat the threat posed by the Islamic State group. Before we get ourselves deeper in debt, or cut deeper into the services to our citizens, let them raise the necessary taxes to meet the cost.

Clare Worthing, Wantagh