Good Evening
Good Evening

Letter: Artificial leg revived man's spirit

The article about Joe Johnson really hit a responsive chord ["Life, resumed," News, May 5]. My husband Joseph was a very active senior of 77 years when, because of poor circulation, his right leg had to be amputated below his knee. It seemed to be the end of his world until we met Dan Bastian and Sal Martella of Progressive Orthotics & Prosthetics in Albertson.

Besides being the most skillful and professional artisans, they both are the kindest and most considerate gentlemen. It was months before Joe's surgery healed, so he didn't get his artificial limb as early as he had wished, but when he was finally fitted, it was like New Year's Eve. He was so happy to have two legs again. Bastian and Martella invited him to their annual golf game for amputees, and Joe was as excited as a child at the circus.

I will always be grateful for the new beginning they gave him.

Arline Cavanaugh, Mineola