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Letter: Assemb. Lopez should be punished

Regarding "Guv wants Lopez out" [News, May 17], I am curious to know how this situation differs from what went on at Penn State, regarding Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.

Is it the fact that morality is different when applied to the government than when applied to a college? Is it the fact that what happened in the government was to women rather than to boys? Is it the fact that the government can act with impunity?

Assemb. Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) should be fired and put in prison, just as Sandusky was fired and put in prison. There should be zero tolerance for that type of behavior in government, as well as a college.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should be fired for not only knowing what happened but also covering up the situation, just as Paterno knew and covered up the matter.

I am curious to see if the Legislative Ethics Commission will set the example for government action by cleaning house, as Penn State did for a college. Or will it just sweep the incident under the rug and protect the big boys' fraternity?

I am curious to see if the press has the tenacity and nerve to focus its sights on this matter as it did for the Penn State situation.

John Wolf, Levittown