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Letters: Astonishing payout for former chief

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone speaks at a

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone speaks at a podium in this undated photo. Credit: Steve Pfost

Ex-Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke’s pending receipt of $434,000 for 114 unused vacation days and 300 unused sick days made me sick [“Ex top cop’s payout,” News, Jan. 5]. The extravagance of public funding is astonishing.

I’m retired from employment with the federal government. Federal employees can accrue no more than 30 vacation days — it’s use them or lose them. There’s no limit to sick day accrual.

However, a retiree is paid a lump sum at retirement for the maximum of 30 unused vacation days, while sick leave is factored into the pension computation as time served. There is no lump sum payment for sick days.

Uncle Sam’s workforce is eating fast food compared with the feast that Burke and others are lapping up at taxpayer expense.

Paul Jacobs, Huntington


Does Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone think that taxpayers are dumb? He tries to defend himself and his allies for responsibility for the James Burke fiasco by protesting that he will uphold the reputation of the many fine men and women of the Suffolk County Police Department [“Second term launch,” News, Dec. 31].

The “tarnish” is not on the SCPD. It is on Bellone and his appointees who may have ignored and perpetuated Burke’s alleged antics. The police officers had no role to play in the selection and retention of their chief. They did not elect or select him. They did not endorse corruption.

Howard Mandell, East Northport