This summer, we saw outstanding performances by our athletes at the Olympic games [“More to games than Lochte lie,” Opinion, Aug. 21]. It was surely a source of national pride. Now that has been tarnished by the irresponsible behavior of four of our elite swimmers. Their behavior and lies to try to cover it up have diminished our success. Yet, it should not be a surprise!

Our country has adopted an attitude that certain people — politicians, stars, athletes and other notables — are not subject to the same standards as ordinary citizens. Revered athletes have been known to abuse drugs and alcohol, cheat and commit domestic violence, often with little or no consequence.

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These swimmers are part of our culture that tolerates deviant behavior of its stars. It’s time to make everyone accountable for his or her actions and to stop idolizing those who have been blessed with talent or good luck.

Lorraine MundHicksville