I was saddened to read about the recent attempted terrorist attack on the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan, allegedly by a Bangladeshi man here on a student visa ["NYC bombing plot," News, Oct. 19].

He was a young man with so much potential in life, but he threw it away, thinking he was doing a service to his faith. However, it is completely against Islam to commit such acts of discord and murder.

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As a Muslim who believes in the messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, I condemn all terrorist attacks as barbaric, illegal and counter to the true peaceful and pluralistic tenets of Islam. It is my hope and prayer that the student's actions are not seen as representative of Islam's teachings or of Muslims.

Similarly, I hope people don't become suspicious of Bangladeshi students here in America, as I am certain that many of them are here for the right reasons: to pursue the American dream.

Salaam Bhatti, Bay Shore