By barring news agencies he doesn’t like from press secretary Sean Spicer’s briefings, the White House is making a mockery of democracy. We all know that a free press is the cornerstone of democracy. President Donald Trump continues to malign the news media as dishonest if they dare print or utter a negative word about him or his administration.

Yet, we know that he and his minions have given false statements about people in the country illegally who vote, voters supposedly bused into New Hampshire and communications with Russian officials.

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When are the congressional Republicans going to say, “Enough!”?

Because they control Congress, it is up to Republicans to show loyalty to the United States instead of the man who appears to be trying to change the country into his personal cash box.

Attacking the press is the first step all dictators take. I’m frightened, and anyone who isn’t hasn’t been paying attention. He must be stopped before we don’t recognize our country.

Carole Seymour, Commack