After reading an alarming tweet made by the Stony Brook University police, I'm not surprised the university is being sued for allegedly mishandling a student rape case ["Alum: School mishandled attack claim," News, March 11].

The university tweeted, "#SpringBreak #outofanabundanceofcaution #tipstokeepyousafe# 1)never leave drinks unattended, 2)stay with friends or in groups."

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As a recent Stony Brook alumna, this concerns me. How can we expect the university police to handle rape accusations fairly, when they perpetuate the age-old myth that the victim is at fault? If they didn't leave their drinks unattended, or if they had just stayed in a group, somehow they would have never been attacked?

Unsafe situations are caused by aggressors. We shouldn't be teaching students ways to prevent rape. We should be teaching them not to rape.

Katie Muether, Selden