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Letter: Back up claims against Caithness II

PSEG Long Island has found that the proposed

PSEG Long Island has found that the proposed Caithness II power plant in Yaphank "will not be needed." This is the Caithness I plant in Yaphank on Jan. 20, 2010. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

PSEG Long Island's recent claim that the Caithness II project would raise electric rates by up to 6 percent is unsubstantiated nonsense ["Two power plays, two big disputes," News, Sept. 7].

If it's legitimate, where's the analysis to back it up? PSEG ignores the substantial savings Caithness II would produce by retiring old, inefficient plants that lose money and pollute the environment. It also ignores the considerable savings that would come from no longer relying on expensive off-island power.

Caithness II would save Long Island ratepayers millions of dollars by greatly reducing fuel costs, while producing much-needed jobs and economic support for communities. A comprehensive and transparent review of local energy resources would show this, but PSEG has refused to make its analyses public. Instead, the company plays fast and loose with the facts to cover up its failure to provide Long Islanders with affordable, reliable energy. The public has a right to know how PSEG is cooking up its half-baked assertions.

Dan Tomaszewski, Middle Island

Editor's note: The writer is a founding member of the Coalition for a Brighter Long Island and president of the Longwood school board, which would receive $13 million annually if the plant is built.


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