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Letter: Bavarian Inn bad site to redevelop

Former site of the Bavarian Inn in Lake

Former site of the Bavarian Inn in Lake Ronkonkoma. (June 11, 2013) Credit: James Carbone

I read the article about the plans to raze the Bavarian Inn in Lake Ronkonkoma with some surprise ["County: Inn to be razed by Labor Day," News, July 26]. I grew up very close to it and had many dinners and luncheons there over my many years as a Boy Scout. I fished in the lake near its parking lot.

The suggestion that homes be built on the property shows that some people throw out ideas without any real thought. One of the reasons the restaurant failed is because Lake Ronkonkoma and the area's water table rose and flooded the entire area to the north.

Just walk to the back of the current parking lot, look into the water, and you can see the original parking lot. To the left of the building are huge tanks the owner had to install because of the rise in the lake and water table.

Where would all the sewage and other waste from new construction go?

Mike Connor, Centereach