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Letter: Beware of apartment project in Smithtown

Smithtown schools' administrative offices in Smithtown, Nov. 1,

Smithtown schools' administrative offices in Smithtown, Nov. 1, 2016. Credit: Ed Betz

Smithtown residents who are concerned about the negative effects of a four-story apartment building replacing an old three-story school building have every reason to worry [“Deal breaks down,” News, Feb. 6].

Despite assurances by the town Deputy Supervisor Tom McCarthy, I believe neighbors should be highly skeptical. They should look at the giant hole recently ripped into the earth along Route 25A, where a grossly out-of-character three-story apartment building and assisted-living facility will be built in a residential neighborhood of half-acre parcels.

Nothing is being done to protect River Heights Drive residents like me whose front yards directly face the abomination that will be built there and which will utterly ruin their property values.

This was a beautiful, wooded residential parcel that had old oak trees and evergreens. The traffic on 25A was not visible until these trees were taken down.

Town officials chose to believe the developer’s consultants when they said this would not hurt our property values. This is either profoundly naïve or just not being honest.

William Hastback, Smithtown