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Good Morning

Letter: Big cash award for Joseph Cipp Jr.

Joe Cipp Jr., superintendent of the South County

Joe Cipp Jr., superintendent of the South County Central School District, addresses the crowd during a board meeting. (Dec. 7, 2011) Credit: Thomas A. Ferrara

This incredible award to a district superintendent sends a strange message to the students in the South Country District ["The case against Cipp," News, March 24]: Face an investigation for allegedly violating the rules, and you shall be rewarded.

There are procedures for removing employees. School board president Victor Correa said the board agreed to Joseph Cipp Jr.'s resignation and $545,000 cash payout because the cost of litigation to force him out would have been greater than $1 million. This board gave an administratively inexperienced, retired physical education teacher a five-year contract. Where did it get the very round "$1 million" cost of adjudication?

This looks like cronyism at its worst, at the expense of the taxpayers of this district.

David K. Winslow, Brookhaven

Editor's note: The writer is a retired principal of Bellport High School.