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Letter: Blame quiet on LI for heroin use?

Bags of heroin, such as those seen in

Bags of heroin, such as those seen in this June 12, 2009, photo, are typically sold individually or in a 10-pack known as a "deck." Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

I can only react with astonishment to a quotation in the Jan. 26 news article on heroin use on Long Island, "Fatal turn to heroin," News. A former addict said, "Long Island is a nice place to live, but it's kind of lacking in things for young people to do, which makes drug experimentation more attractive here."

It is a struggle to understand this logic. Long Island is lacking in important aspects of life that provide a meaningful distraction from drugs, and consequently, drug experimentation is a natural yearning for some "young people"?

Long Island is situated east of the greatest city in North America, close to professional sports teams, universities, Broadway, museums, transportation hubs, musical venues and cultural centers of all kinds. We have a rich history and ethnic diversity.

I have lived on Long Island just about all my life. I have yet to find it an uninspiring wasteland. I have been fortunate to travel all over the United States, to parts of Canada, and briefly to South America and Europe. I never came home thinking I am living in a boring place.

I have respect for the formerly addicted young woman who has turned the page, but it is misguided to blame her drug issues on the Long Island environment.

Gary Korbel, Westbury