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Letter: Bow hunting is most humane cull

North Fork Preserve, a former hunting lodge in

North Fork Preserve, a former hunting lodge in the hamlet of Northville, has plans with Suffolk officials to create a county regional park on a 311 acre site. (Aug. 8, 2011) Credit: Randee Daddona

In response to "Don't allow bow hunting to cull deer" [News, Aug. 21], I'm a responsible bow hunter who has harvested deer on Long Island for eight years.

The reason I hunt only on Long Island is that we have a severe overpopulation of deer with no natural predators. I primarily hunt does, as this is the best way to curb the population. The deer do not go to waste, as they either go in my freezer or to the local food bank.

Bow hunting is probably the most humane method to control the population, compared with deer being hit by automobiles or starving. The deer I have shot have all died within 100 yards of where they were hit.

Bow hunters rarely take shots farther than 30 yards, hunt only between sunrise and sunset to be able to positively identify the deer, and take steps such as using tree stands or blinds to minimize errant shots.

Paul P. Nardone Jr., Bayville