I was so happy to hear that the Boy Scouts of America is reconsidering the ban on gay members and leaders ["Lift Scout ban outright," Editorial, Feb. 1], but disappointed that the decision has been delayed.

I'm glad the organization is finally realizing that its exclusion policy conflicts with the tolerance and anti-discrimination policies and programs that are so strongly advocated in our schools and communities. The exclusion also goes against principles the Boy Scouts profess, like honesty, loyalty and respect.

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I've been a parent fighting the Boy Scouts executive board ever since I heard about this policy -- with no response from the Scouts, other than that they felt it was in the best interest of the organization. They did not say, interestingly enough, that it was indeed in the best interest of the Scouts themselves or their families.

I agree with Newsday that the policy should apply to all Boy Scouts, instead of allowing each chapter to decide whether it will still discriminate.

Carolyn Mandel, Massapequa