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Letter: Brentwood must fight back vs. gangs

The parents of Nisa Mickens -- Elizabeth Alvarado

The parents of Nisa Mickens -- Elizabeth Alvarado and Rob Mickens -- visit the site in Brentwood where their daughter, left, was found dead Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, the eve of her 16th birthday. Credit: Family photo; James Carbone/Newsday

A child walking to school has his blue T-shirt taken and set on fire [“Gang fears as student’s shirt burned,” News, Sept. 23]? Where is everybody? Where are the community activists? The parents? Someone should be on every corner within walking distance of the school to make sure these kids get there with their shirts on.

The school superintendent advised parents to watch what their children wear to school? Fight back, Brentwood! The superintendent should have told parents to send their children to school wearing blue, one gang’s color. Stand up to these gangs and crush them.

Where is Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo? Send the National Guard to Brentwood. These kids need protection.

Linda Petrizzi, Oceanside