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Letter: Brookhaven to charge to park

Brookhaven -- Supervisor Mark Lesko Supervisor Mark Lesko

Brookhaven -- Supervisor Mark Lesko

Supervisor Mark Lesko said the biggest challenge for Suffolk County’s largest township will be the daunting task of reorganizing town government. The town has had to dip into its surplus in recent years but will not be able to do that in 2013, Lesko said, necessitating a top-to-bottom review of town services to determine which it can afford to continue providing.

Declines in mortgage taxes and landfill revenue — and the overall soft economy — have spurred the changes, he said. “The road we’re on now is not sustainable,” he said.

The economy also is a major concern for 2012, Lesko said. Brookhaven needs to keep its landfill — the source of about 40 percent of town revenue — competitive in the marketplace, he said.

Brookhaven’s other big challenge is keeping code enforcement aggressive, Lesko said. The town has increased fines for quality-of-life violations by more than 300 percent since 2008 and needs to keep up that pace, he said.

(June 28, 2011) Credit: David Pokress

The Brookhaven Town Council is giving its residents, in these trying economic times, reason to question its connection to the people it is sworn to serve ["Amphitheater's tune-up," News, April 13]. The board's adoption of a $25, two-year parking permit for public beaches and marinas is a blatant insult to our taxpayers and their families.

It is a low blow to all, but especially to those who must watch every penny. This parking fee at family-centered places such as our beaches and marinas is thoughtless. We take pride in such venues, which offer unencumbered and relaxing places to forget our troubles and enjoy our families on hot summer days. We can cast our hooks off a pier or push a stroller along a marina walkway. By charging us to enjoy such simple pleasures, our council has indeed lost touch with who we are and what we deserve as a community.

Patrick and Catherine Cauchi, Mount Sinai