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Letter: Build a stronger Asharoken road

The dune along Asharoken Avenue is seen on

The dune along Asharoken Avenue is seen on Oct. 28, 2016. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Why do Newsday articles on Asharoken’s sand replenishment state that dune restoration is a public safety issue [“Asharoken trustees vote to kill dune restoration,” News, Jan. 11]?

As I read it, this means that we will need to put down sand to protect all the stranded people on Eaton’s Neck when the road is washed out. However, I believe the reason for the restoration is to help maintain the property values of the north side of Asharoken Avenue, where homes face Long Island Sound.

Anyone who has ever driven to Key West in Florida knows you don’t need sand for a road to be passable over a body of water. One section goes for roughly seven miles between islands with no sand for support.

I propose that before the story of the public necessity of sand replenishment becomes cemented in the public consciousness, we consider federal funds be used instead to raise the road. That would protect Eaton’s Neck without benefiting Sound-front property owners at the public’s expense.

Robert Gregory, Northport