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Letter: Burke's style at SCPD gets results

Suffolk County Police Chief of Department James Burke,

Suffolk County Police Chief of Department James Burke, front, and acting Police Commissioner Edward Webber, behind, speak with Newsday during an interview at police headquarters. (Jan. 2, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Regarding "Suffolk chief went too far" [Editorial, June 28], I am a businessman in Suffolk County, chairman of the Suffolk Police Reserves and executive vice president of Crime Stoppers. I have worked closely with the police department through several administrations.

The current administration has taken an approach that has already been proven to reduce crime ["Crime on LI," News, June 16]. Chief of Department James Burke has a policy of strict accountability for his officers and supervisors, and his leadership is strong and directed to assist them with what he expects of them. This style of leadership, along with his no-nonsense attitude that permeates the department from top to bottom, has resulted in serious advances in crime control. A secondary benefit is that the cops themselves feel they are supported in controlling crime.

Burke's management style is a win for the citizens of the county as well as the police. The only losers are the criminals.

Loring Miller, Melville