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Letter: Bus driver's deadly choice

Firefighters and police respond to the scene of

Firefighters and police respond to the scene of a fatal collision between a school bus and an out-of-control cement truck near the LIRR overpass on Oyster Bay Road in Locust Valley. The bus driver was killed and six others were injured, police said. (July 23, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

I'm not sure if people who read about the Locust Valley school bus-cement truck accident are aware of the selfless act apparently performed by bus driver Jorge Guevara ["Bus driver's friends call him 'true hero'," News, July 26].

Guevara had three no-win choices. The first was to continue to drive straight and hope for the best, which would likely have resulted in additional injuries and deaths.

The second, swerve to the left, would have likely resulted in lesser injuries to him but more serious, probably fatal injuries to those on the right side of the bus.

His last choice, and the one he chose, was to swerve to the right. It resulted in the cement truck striking the left front of the bus, causing Guevara's death. This selfless act resulted in relatively minor injuries for everyone else on the bus.

I never met Guevara, but I wish I could have. If people are looking for a true hero, look no farther.

Scott Gaines, Bethpage

Editor's note: The writer is a school bus driver and a former New York City highway patrol officer who has investigated fatal accidents.