Buses should honor LIRR tix in a storm

We all know that the Jan. 25 commute was tough with limited Long Island Rail Road service [“LIRR woes today,” News, Jan. 25].

Living in Cedarhurst, I took the N32 bus to Far Rockaway to the A train. I asked the bus driver if he honored LIRR tickets, and he said no, so I paid $2.75. Luckily I had quarters.

My friends took various buses — N1 and N4 in Valley Stream — and the drivers with no hesitation honored their tickets. That’s the right thing to do.

Marc J. Tenzer, Cedarhurst


I realize the Jan. 23 storm was big and brought a lot of snow [“Buried,” News, Jan. 24]. But is it too much to ask, for safety, to take 10 or 20 minutes to clear fire hydrants of snow?

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It’s bad enough when the county and towns don’t do it. We citizens should.

Joe Lyons, Bethpage