It's not new that organized labor is in favor of a Caithness II power plant, or that some civic, environmental and municipal groups are opposed ["Debate over Caithness," News, Jan. 29]. What is news is that the people speaking in opposition did not say, "I told you so," in regards to Caithness I. That's because their fear-mongering scenarios about Caithness I have been put to rest.

Truth be told, Caithness I has delivered. It was built on time and on budget. It has supplied cheap energy and generated minimal emissions compared to Long Island's other large plants. This has allowed older, more expensive and dirtier plants to often remain idle.

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Everyone wants windmills; however, wind is not always reliable during the peak air conditioning days in July and August. Solar is great except on a cloudy day. One day, these choices will be more dependable, but the demand is here and now.

Caithness II would allow Long Island to move to shut down its dinosaur plants.

Martin O'Malley, Ridge