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Letter: Caithness II plant benefits few

An aerial photo of the Caithness facility in

An aerial photo of the Caithness facility in Yaphank on June 6, 2013. Credit: Doug Kuntz

The only people who want the Caithness II plant built are the taxpayers from the Longwood school district ["Hundreds rally for Caithness II power plant," News, March 26].

They would save a large portion of their school taxes -- almost $13 million -- and the rest of Long Island's ratepayers would pay higher costs. The representative from PSEG Long Island, Jeff Weir, said it succinctly: "Recommendations we made last year are saving our customers billions of future dollars . . ."

Our rates are high enough, and we don't need the few sticking it to the many!

John Steiner, Port Jefferson