Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Newsday letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018

A man uses a surgical mask to protect

A man uses a surgical mask to protect against infections rampant in close living quarters at a sports complex sheltering more than 5,000 Central Americans in Tijuana, Mexico, on Nov. 28. Credit: AP / Rebecca Blackwell

I was impressed that your Nov. 27 editorial, “Immigration a challenge for new Congress,” began with giving both perspectives on the problem at the Mexican border where some in the caravan of thousands attempted to rush law enforcement to enter the United States [“Trump defends use of tear gas,” News, Nov. 27].

However, I respectfully disagree with your statement that, “In cooperation with Mexico, the United States also must send resources to feed, clothe and shelter the immigrants” while their cases are adjudicated.

The U.S. government doesn’t create money; it only collects money from taxpayers. When you say the United States must send resources, you really are saying American taxpayers must send resources!

In this great nation, we have hundreds of thousands of people living in shelters, subways, alleys and on streets. Many are veterans who fought to protect us and sustain our freedoms, including freedom of the press. Like many generous families, we buy clothing for veterans, toys for less fortunate children and donate food regularly — and it still isn’t enough to provide these people with normal lifestyles.

Now Newsday wants Americans to provide food, clothing and shelter for immigrants who are voluntarily leaving their homes, rushing our boarders and assaulting our agents.

Thomas Duignan, West Islip

Why was Wantagh upgrade so costly?

The Long Island Rail Road renovated the Wantagh station at a cost of $27 million [“LIRR hails two station upgrades,” News, Oct. 31]. This is outrageous! No wonder the LIRR is raising fares. I wonder how much a new station would cost. I bet Donald Trump would have it done in less than a year at half the price. Shame on the LIRR.Patrick Murray, Seaford