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Good Morning

Letter: Carrying too many bags on flights

When possible, I try to fly an airline that offers at least one bag free of charge. An extra $50 round-trip is a big addition to the cost of the flight. When I am unable to do that, I pay the $25 fee (each way) to check my bag.

I resent people who drag their bags on the plane and take so much time trying to lift them into the overhead bins. The flight attendants request that we make room for them. Why should I do that when I paid $25?

They then squish my coat and small carry-on bag because they are trying to save money. If their bags can't fit, they are ultimately tagged to be picked up immediately at the door. This takes time and puts everyone on edge.

I would like airlines to change to this policy:

1. Customers may check one bag for free.

2. Passengers choosing to bring a carry-on bag, that does not fit under the seat, would be required to pay $25 for each bag.

This policy would stop most baggage in the aisles and overhead bins, which is disruptive to the boarding process and frustrating to the staff and fellow passengers. Patrons, who want to choose the luxury of avoiding the time and hassle that it takes to claim their bags in the baggage claim area, would have to pay for that privilege.

Cynthia Kopprasch, Huntington