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Letter: Cartoon tarnished Grumman’s legacy

Matt Davies

Matt Davies

Matt Davies’ April 4 editorial cartoon, “Grumman Plume,” was a cheap and offensive shot at Grumman Aerospace’s major accomplishment of safely landing the first man on the moon.

This historic event was made possible by many dedicated Grumman employees. Some of them still live on Long Island and are proud to have been part of such a great legacy to Long Island and this country’s aviation history.

For 60-plus years, Grumman made quality aerospace products that served and continue to support our military and nation’s defense. Today, Long Island’s economy could certainly use another Grumman or two.

As for the plume, the reality is that certain metals needed to be chemically processed and, unfortunately, the hazards of some of the toxins left behind were not known until years later. The industry has improved its processes, but cleanups still remain.

The cartoon should have dealt with how Northrop Grumman handled this issue after Northrop Aircraft merged with Grumman in 1994.

Chuck Gosline


Editor’s note: The writer, an engineer, worked for Grumman for 30 years.