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Letter: Cell tower would help Centerport

It's a pity the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport continues to face financial problems when a solution, partial anyway, is staring everyone in the face: cell towers! ["Residents rip cell tower plan," News, July 22]

It boggles my imagination why some Centerport residents oppose the installation of the cell tower proposed for a remote, off-the-road, area on the museum grounds. The visibility of such a tower would be far less objectionable than the pervasive overhead wiring we've all become accustomed to. Centerport has suffered long from the lack of cell coverage, not only in the residential area but along 25A between Huntington and Northport.

What's even more surprising is opposition to the tower by the Huntington Town Board. Its members support and encourage use of the designated town recreational area and senior citizen beach, clubhouse and artist cottage at the tip of the peninsula, yet the board ignores the lack of wireless service. Those recreating at Centerport beach are in jeopardy of not receiving rescue services in the event of an accident when summer employees are not present.

Kathleen Young, Northport