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Letter: Charles Wang’s first Coliseum renovation was rejected

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NY Islanders owner Charles Wang during an interview

NY Islanders owner Charles Wang during an interview at Newsday on July 20, 2011. Photo Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

A letter writer said Charles Wang wanted to use taxpayer money in 2011 to rebuild the Nassau Coliseum when he owned the New York Islanders [“Not sorry that 2011 arena referendum lost,” Oct. 29].

I would like to point out that in 2004, Wang proposed the privately funded, $3.8 billion Lighthouse Project, which would have included a renovated Coliseum. That was killed by the Hempstead Town Board, which rejected the full development as too dense. Even Wang’s scaled-down version was rejected.

The 2011 referendum to spend $400 million in public funds to build a new arena was pushed by then-Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano in an effort to keep the hockey team in Uniondale, but was voted down.

Wang wanted to give the Islanders a better home on Long Island with private money. He loved his team.

Jo Budway, West Babylon

NY should adopt climate legislation

I’m writing in response to the Oct. 19 news story “With storms in mind, $20M goes to LI.” The money is for Long Island communities for projects related to past and future natural disasters. This includes $1.79 million to create an office of emergency management in Long Beach City Hall.

As a Long Beach resident who experienced the devastation caused by superstorm Sandy, I applaud all assistance in the preservation of our fragile coastal communities. However, it is essential that we work to combat the climate crisis by ending our reliance on the fossil fuels. While adaptation is needed to protect from future disasters, we must commit to moving to 100 percent renewable energy. We have the opportunity to do this in New York, and that is why I urge our governor to commit to climate sustainability in 2019 by passing the Climate and Community Protection Act. This effort would be a model for our state and our nation.

Susan Vinci, Bellmore

Editor’s note: The writer is a volunteer for New York Renews, a coalition of organizations advocating for good jobs and renewable energy.

NY should update its voting methods

I voted this week. I moved to Suffolk County two years ago from California, but am originally from New York City. In California, where I lived for 36 years, I never had to go to the polls on Election Day to vote. I just sent in my ballot by mail.

Except for absentee ballots, New York has no mail-in ballots or early voting [“Election breaks Albany logjam,” Editorial, Nov. 7]. The only way is to go the polls on Election Day. New York makes it very difficult for its residents to participate in elections. No wonder New York’s voter turnout is among the lowest in the country.

Judy Smith,Kings Park

Two American-born Founding Fathers

Andrew M. Cuomo has caught the president’s penchant for playing fast and loose with the facts.

In his acceptance speech Tuesday night and his zeal to chastise Donald Trump, the governor said, “George Washington was an immigrant. Thomas Jefferson was an immigrant” [“Four more years,” News, Nov. 7].

Fact check: Both were born in Virginia Colony.

Joseph A. Bollhofer,Head of the Harbor

Trump should be doing people’s business

A response is necessary to your letter writer who criticized people in Pittsburgh for not wanting their time of sorrow after the synagogue killings to be co-opted as a photo opportunity for the most ego-driven president ever to sit in the Oval Office [“America confronts a dark side,” Letters, Nov. 1].

The writer suggested that “the president, first lady and his daughter and son-in-law took time from their busy schedules to support the community.”

Was he kidding? On our money, with presidential duties left on hold, the president flies from city to city for rallies when he should be doing the people’s business, reading daily briefings and governing. He didn’t even cancel a rally the night of the shooting.

We have a reality-show host who craves the spotlight at our peril. He fudges and dances around the murder of a legal U.S. resident and writer for The Washington Post, sidles up to dictators, and goes out on the stump to polarize and to energize hate, while telling his base that the press is their enemy. No, a free press is his enemy.

June Zeger, East Meadow

Diwali event in school, but not Christmas?

A Nov. 6 news-section photo titled “A lesson in Diwali, art and world cultures” showed two kindergarten children in a Lynbrook public school displaying a Diwali decoration for the Hindu festival of lights.

Children are no longer able to celebrate Christmas in public schools; instead, they have “holiday” parties. So why are they able to mark a Hindu holiday? Just wondering.

Raymond P. Moran, Massapequa Park


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