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Letter: Clean energy for LI possible

Amid empty desks, students at Southside Middle School

Amid empty desks, students at Southside Middle School in Rockville Centre take the Common Core mathematics test on Friday, April 24, 2015. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Can Long Island be powered by clean, renewable energy by 2024? Yes! Does Long Island need the Caithness II fossil-fuel plant? No!

In 2012, Neal Lewis, executive director of the Molloy College Sustainability Institute, convened a clean energy roundtable which concluded that Long Island could, in fact, be powered by clean electricity before 2024. For Lewis to now come out in strong support of Caithness II is a heartbreaking betrayal of the renewable energy movement, our budding green energy economy, and, Long Island's fragile shoreline that climate change is ripping apart.

Long Island needs a visionary with the courage to stand up and set a goal to power Long Island with clean, renewable energy by 2024. Some of the technical ingenuity needed for the moon landing was developed on Long Island. Let's assert Long Island ingenuity and accomplish something great again!

Peter Maniscalco, Manorville

Editor's note: The writer is an energy activist.