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Letter: Clinton mustn’t let Trump provoke her

Democratic presidential candidate former Sen. and Secretary of

Democratic presidential candidate former Sen. and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Skibo Hall at Carnegie Mellon University on April 6, 2016, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Swensen

Soon, we will hear Hillary Clinton debate the Republican candidate for president. Although it may be difficult to ignore Donald Trump’s attacks — he has said she was the worst secretary of state and treated her husband’s girlfriends miserably — I strongly hope that she can maintain her dignity and ignore these absurdities [“Trump: I’ll win in NY in Nov.,” News, May 12]. She should not play in the mud with him!

We are talking about someone who will be representing our country and our status in the world! Many in Trump’s own party want to end his awful clown show. Where has common sense gone?

Let’s get this presidential race out of the dirt and gossip, and into fixing our problems with real plans. Let’s bring this election into the high level of dignity our country deserves.

Sylvia Essman, Plainview