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Letter: Clinton’s record too spotty for presidency

Hillary Clinton has won the New York Democratic

Hillary Clinton has won the New York Democratic primary on April 19, 2016. Credit: Getty Images

I was disappointed to read Newsday’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton in New York’s Democratic primary [“Clinton deserves Democratic nod,” Editorial, April 15].

Newsday said she had been an active first lady. Her husband gave her one significant task, to organize and establish a health care system to cover a crying need in America. She did not accomplish this.

Next, Newsday described her as an effective eight-year senator for New York who delivered, including billions of dollars to rebuild after 9/11. Anyone in place could have delivered for New York after 9/11.

Newsday credits her with a critical role in levying crippling sanctions on Iran. I prefer the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, who brought Iran to the negotiating table and engineered a deal to forestall nuclear proliferation.

Campaign donations and speaking fees from big banks, and support from super PACs, leave her beholden — not to everyday citizens, but to big money.

Newsday’s fluffing over her Iraq War vote as the accepted wisdom and emotion of the time is not acceptable. The junior senator from Illinois at the time did not follow the accepted wisdom. Many Americans saw that attack as an act of stupidity carried out by an administration following its own agenda.

Let’s give a chance to someone without such a dicey track record.

Brendan O’Grady, Port Jefferson