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Letter: Close Fire Island breach

The breech caused by Superstorm Sandy on Fire

The breech caused by Superstorm Sandy on Fire Island, looking north. (March 9, 2013) Credit: Doug Kuntz

The recent article "Fire Island breach stable, report says" [News, Dec. 16] was misleading, and it only lulls officials into further complacency on this critical issue.

As a resident of a community that was seriously hurt by superstorm Sandy, I believe this breach needs to be filled because of flooding dangers.

Stony Brook University professor Charles Flagg stated that about 8 percent of the water in the Great South Bay moves in and out via the breach. We should note that 8 percent is a significant flow, especially given the small size of the breach.

The residents of shoreline communities must demand that the breach be closed. We must take the position that any breach anywhere is not tolerable for the tens of thousands who reside along or near the shoreline of the Great South Bay. If we permit the decision-makers to continue to vascillate on this breach, what will they do if another occurs at Amityville or Westhampton?

To this day, my neighborhood is still recovering. All necessary steps must be taken to protect our communities.

Phil Healey, Massapequa

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Biltmore Shores Civic Association.